Exercise and Rehabilitation

Photo of chiropractic patient during rehabilitation exercises

Rehabilitation is a process of regaining full function post injury.

Rehabilitative exercises, which can restore body’s strength, power, endurance and flexibility, are a major part of many treatment protocols. These exercises will increase in difficulty as your condition improves. Recent research suggests the transition from PRICE (Protect, Rest, Ice, Compress and Elevate) to POLICE (Protect, Optimal Loading, ICE, Compress and Elevate) when dealing with injured tissues.

Tissue responds to load; Early, specific loading has been suggested to have better outcome than immobilization (depending on the injury).

 The following the three principals are essential when dealing with an injured tissue:

  • Early loading is optimal loading
  • Optimal loading is tissue specific
  • Optimal loading has appropriate progressions

Rehabilitation requires a multidisciplinary approach. No one individual possesses all the answers to every musculoskeletal condition. Working with other clinicians and therapists will ensure the highest quality of care and the quickest path for the full resolution of symptoms for the patients.