Spinal and Extremity Manipulation

Spinal Manipulation by a chiropractor

Manipulation or the adjustment of the spine and extremities is a manual technique, which uses high velocity low amplitude thrust to the effected joint in order to increase mobility and decrease pain.

Research supports the utilization of this technique, followed by a thorough orthopedic and neurological examination of the patient. Being one of the most effective treatments for an acute mechanical lower back pain, an adjustment is now recommended by the American College of Physicians as a primary treatment to restore motion, decrease pain and increase function.


different part of body injuries illustration (shoulder,knee, ankle, wrist, hips)

Does every patient require spinal x-rays prior to manipulation at the initial consultation?

Scientific evidence does not support the utilization of spinal x-ray prior to manipulation. Unnecessarily exposure to radiation unless indicated by the presence of red flags in the history and examination is harmful and should be avoided.

Does spinal manipulation remove nerve root interferences known as “subluxations”?

The current scientific evidence does not support the effectiveness of spinal manipulation and the removal of nerve root interferences or pressures. Patients suffering from systemic conditions such as infertility, anxiety, digestion and other none musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions will be referred out to the appropriate specialists.

Does your spine “come out of position”?

Even though many people express their lack of spinal mobility as such, there are no scientific evidence to confirm this. Manipulation or spinal adjustments have been proven to create about 2-3 degrees of motion at the targeted joint. Creating mobility to the joint should not be expressed as “putting things back into place” by any practitioners.

What is the cracking or popping sound with some  joint manipulations?

The sound is a gas released from a type of joint called the synovial joint. It is not associated and does not cause any known pathologies such as once commonly thought, arthritis.