Sports Chiropractic

Sports Chiropractic is a 4-year postdoctoral residency in sports sciences followed by a doctoral degree in Chiropractic. Completion of advanced courses such as sports nutrition, sports psychology, advanced imaging, sports injury management, high performance evaluation and testing are only a few examples of courses required in this fellowship program. Sports chiropractors are also required to participate in hospital rounds as well as 1000 hours of on field coverage with variety of different teams.

Sports Chiropractors are qualified doctors to diagnosis and treat any musculoskeletal injuries and conditions

Upper and lower extremity conditions are commonly seen by Sports Chiropractors. Whether you seek a second opinion, a referral to a specialist or you require a co-management of your condition, a Sports Chiropractor can assist you with any musculoskeletal injuries.

Sports Chiropractors are a major part of the health care teams in olympics and professional teams. Working in a team setting with other practitioners, therapists and doctors will ensure the highest quality of care for our athletes.

Dr. Masoumi’s dedication to research, patient focused care and evidence informed practice has allowed him to be a committee member of the Royal College of Chiropractic Sports Science¬†where he is responsible for organizing variety of scientific seminars in western Canada.