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I had been dealing with consistent elbow pain for over 4 months when I was referred to Dr. Masoumi. My velocity and command were suffering and I was not getting the results I needed on field. Dr. Masoumi was able to use a variety of techniques to release my elbow and after just one session my elbow was feeling better then it had in months. He was able to work around my hectic schedule as a varsity athlete and find time for treatment. The result of his efforts started to show on the field as my command and velocity started to return. Without Dr. Masoumi’s help I don’t think I would have had the chance to play professional baseball.

I saw Dr Masoumi in his South Surrey Clinic. He is an extremely helpful and caring practitioner. His ability to problem solve and assist me in getting treatment for a chronic back problem was outstanding. He referred me to the Scoli Clinic in Vancouver ( I have scoliosis) where I will receive a comprehensive assessment and care plan and ongoing folowup. Before I went to him, I had no idea where to turn for help, advice or treatment of this disorder. Thank you Dr Masoumi!

Dr.Ali Masoumi is a lifesaver. After waiting for back surgery and being rejected after 3 back injections. He was my last resort. I have seen numerous other chiropractor both before and after my injections with minimal results. Dr.Ali Masoumi has ended the pain that I have been constantly experiencing for the past 6 years.

Dr. Masoumi is an excellent chiropractor. I had a very severe shoulder injury & was not able to do my daily activities and sleep properly during the night. After seeing him for only one session, my pain relieved to the the extent that I was able to do my daily activities & sleep during the night without noticing the pain. I am so grateful to him for his help.

Dr. Ali Masoumi is knowledgable, helpful, friendly, humble and gets results. I experienced my all time best medical practitioners appointment last week; walked out of his office completely pain free. I’m a 50 year old road cyclist – he keeps me healthy so I can enjoy my sports, life and being fit!

My mother was suffering from “tennis elbow” for almost a year. She could not sleep at nights and would usually wake up crying and feeling totally hopeless about the pain she’s experiencing. She was not expecting much improvement when I took her to Dr. Masoumi for shock wave therapies; however after a few treatments she’s finally relieved that it can actually be treated. She’s no longer taking anti-inflammatory medications and she sleeps well now. I must thank Dr. Masoumi for his expertise and great bedside manner. Having a doctor who actually listens is very important especially for someone who has suffered a long time and wanted to grasp any opportunity to make the pains go away.

I suffered from running related knee pain for two years before seeing Dr. Masoumi. I had seen 2 physiotherapists and a massage therapist for over 2 years with no success. I was so afraid to see a chiro from hearing other horror stories. He explained everything he was going to do and made me very comfortable. I started to feel better immediately and am only continuing to improve. After 2 years I’m finally able to run again and am not afraid of chiropractors anymore. I would highly recommend him!!!

I would highly recommend Dr. Masoumi! He quickly diagnosed the cause of my pain, applied the right treatments and in just a few treatments I’m on the path to being pain free. He is knowledgeable about the body, skilled in many forms of treatments and has a lovely bedside manner to boot.

I was involved in a major car accident in 2004, and have seen multiple chiropractors over the past decade, in search of the one who could truly help fix my neck and back problems for good. My search is finally over, because Dr. Ali Masoumi is the *BEST* chiropractor I have ever seen. Dr. Ali Masoumi is very kind, caring, and a great listener. He is also highly knowledgeable and a great teacher (i.e., like a university professor), and he was able to fix my neck and back quickly and effectively. He is a world-class professional, who is trained in the techniques that work the best. He is not one of those chiropractors who barely adjusts a patient in order to keep them coming back over and over again to drag more money… those so-called “chiropractors” are incompetent scammers who drive me nuts, waste my time, take my money, and leave me in pain. In contrast, Dr. Ali Masoumi will fix you—fast and effectively!!! I feel so lucky and blessed to know Dr. Ali Masoumi, and I am proud to say that he will be my chiropractor for life. He is the VERY BEST!!! Did I mention that he’s also very handsome, charming, and down-to-earth too??? 🙂 He’s awesome in every way. A++++++ and “5 Stars” all around!!!! Thank you Dr. Ali Masoumi. 🙂

I have found Dr. Masoumi to be an extremely knowledgeable, understanding and caring Doctor. He has treated me for various chronic pain situations very successfully in a very short period of time. I had never been to a Chiropractor prior to seeing him and was sceptical of his ability to heal my injuries. His ability to pin point problems quickly and to fix what I thought were unfixable in a timely manner has totally impressed me. I would not hesitate to recommend him for anyone who has pain that is difficult to live with. There does not seem to be any pain situation that he cannot heal.

I would recomend Dr. Ali Masoumi as a doctor who shows compassion and knowledge in his treatment. I had several chronic injuries and now through various treatments and his advice, I am able to return to the activities I enjoy.

I would highly recommend Dr. Masoumi. I am amazed how quickly he has alleviated the pain that I have suffered from for several years. I am very grateful for the knowledgeable and skilled treatment that I have received from him.

I had never been to chiro before, but thought I would see if it could help me with a shoulder injury. Dr. Ali Masoumi not only alleviated my discomfort, but also educated me about my injury in a way I would understand. He is dedicated to his craft and passionate about patient care. On top of it all, I have sincerely appreciated that he has always been honest about my progress and has not tried to extend treatment beyond what has actually been necessary. Having such success with my shoulder, I have just started seeing him for a different issue and am hopeful that we will achieve the same results!

Dr. Masoumi has a great bedside manner. I am a healthcare professional and would highly recommend him. I am not completely free of pain yet but I no longer need meds to move or sleep. He is improving my quality of life enabling me to continue helping my patients.